Hello! I am Jen, formerly of Calgary, Alberta and currently of Prague, Czech Republic. I am a writer, a life coach, an upcoming teacher of English as a Second Language, a science geek, a non-conformist, and almost a Buddhist. I love to drink tea, read books, and go on long walks that often include cemeteries. I’m a proud Canadian who loves to travel, and if you ask me about synthetic biology and nanotechnology, I’ll have something to say! I’m a singer (former member of the always awesome Gateway Chorus of Sweet Adelines, and I sang baritone because I could!), a pianist, and I even own a violin that I swear I will learn to play someday. I speak English, understand French and Romanian, and hope to add Czech to my list of languages. I’m a sister, a daughter, and an aunt to a large and loving family where there are too many people whose names start with “J”.

And I live my life by my three core values: courage, beauty, and divinity.

My personal laws?

  • Be bold (fortune favours the brave)
  • Get dirty (make mistakes and learn from them)
  • Follow your heart (and your gut)

I’m on an adventure in Prague, and I am blogging about it. Come share my journey with me.


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be bold, get dirty, and follow your heart

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